Church Serve


 A list of opportunities to serve within the church.


 Kids Ministries

Our children need YOU! Donate your time to keep Kids Ministry programs like Sunday Worship, Messy Church and Toddlers running  smoothly. Assist the Leader and other helpers to keep the children engaged, help families with check-in, or even serve on the tech  team.



As believers, it is our responsibility to model and mentor Christ-like behavior in others through relationship, teaching and service.  As you grow in your faith and spiritual journey, consider stepping up to a leadership role in a small group, mission or ministry.

Opportunity to lead a group who meet weekly for Bible Study, Fellowship and Prayer.


 Maintenance Team

It takes a lot of individuals to keep our Church looking great and operating properly. Some jobs require background knowledge but most of them just require a willing heart and a few hours.


 Overall Hospitality

Help make every guest's visit a warm, welcoming one. This could be executed through welcoming at the door, serving food and drinks when necessary.



There's a continuous desire to expand our Worship Band, so would you be able and like to serve in the following area(s): 


We are looking for people who play musical instruments to play during our worship and special events.


We are looking for singers for our worship vocal teams.


Work behind the scenes of our worship and special events. Operating sound and/or video.


 Worship Tech Team

These behind-the-scenes serving opportunities are vital to our worship services, both for inside the church and for the online worship experience. Roles include running projector content (slides/video), executing lighting changes and providing music appropriate to the situation and atmosphere, mixing audio for the worship center OR for recording— all to keep services running smoothly. Training is provided.


 Not sure which volunteer role appeals most?

Each of us has a unique, God-given SHAPE. Our SHAPE is our Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Ability, Passion, and Experience that we have been given to live out God’s purpose in our lives. Our SHAPE helps us to live our lives to the fullest in Christ by matching our gifts with the world’s needs.